11 December 2019

Accelerating the development of Brazil’s infrastructure markets is the aim of Global Infrastructure Hub’s (GI Hub) Country Program with Brazil, recently confirmed in a Letter of Intent with the nation’s Secretary of International Economic Affairs (SAIN) of the Ministry of Economy.

The launch of the Brazil Country Program, which is GI Hub’s first such one-on-one initiative with a nation-state, follows intensive work in recent months, involving needs assessment consultations with the Government of Brazil, program validation consultations with several Multilateral Development Banks (MDB) and a full time GI Hub resource on the ground in Brazil.

The major activities of GI Hub’s Brazil Country Program will involve:

  • Supporting the development of the country framework for Brazil’s Port Privatisation Program
  • Providing a benchmarking study on private long-term finance for infrastructure
  • Leading practices on allocation and mitigation of foreign currency risks
  • The prospective integration of the SOURCE platform for the development of infrastructure project preparation in Brazil
  • Leading practices on government guarantee instruments for PPPs investments

Going forward, the activities will involve the engagement of consultants for the major streams and GI Hub workshops in Brazil on infrastructure project preparation. As with the needs assessment and program validation phases, the streams of work will involve:

  • close collaboration with SAIN and other Government of Brazil bodies such as the National Development Bank (BNDES), the Secretariat of Infrastructure Development of the Ministry of Economy and the National Secretariat of Waterways and Ports of the Ministry of Infrastructure
  • ongoing dialogue with strategic International Organisations, the private sector, MDBs and the government counterparts that guides the country program through collaboration and sharing the experiences, resources, lessons learned, and best practices acquired.

The Brazil Country Program ties directly into GI Hub’s mission to connect the global infrastructure community and share insights to facilitate delivery of G20 members’ economic, social and environmental outcomes through more and better infrastructure.