7 December 2018

Visit from China CDM Fund Delegation to the Global Infrastructure Hub

7 December 2018

On 5 December 2018, a delegation of 15 staff, including senior level officials from China Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Fund under the Ministry of Finance, and officials from ten provincial finance departments visited the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) in Sydney to learn more about the organisation’s mandate, mission, tools and products.


During the meeting, we presented the GI Hub’s tools and highlighted their relationship with sustainable, green, resilient and inclusive development. For example, the energy projects in the Global Infrastructure Project Pipeline that are renewable and/or to be developed with advanced clean technologies.


We also covered the risk allocation of renewable energy and mass-transportation projects, the green finance practices included in our ongoing National Infrastructure Banks Note, and the upcoming Inclusive Infrastructure Reference Tool.


China CDM Fund was established in 2007 to support China’s effort to address climate change and promote social and economic sustainable development. Its business focuses on grants and investments domestically. The grants support domestic activities in climate-related capacity building and promotion of public awareness, and the investments mainly support domestic activities contributing to address climate change.