15 March 2019

Africa Infrastructure Fellowship Program (AIFP) signs MOU with the Government of Ethiopia

15 March 2019

On the 13 March 2019, the Global Infrastructure Hub and Meridiam, signed an MOU on behalf of the Africa Infrastructure Fellowship Program (AIFP) with the Government of Ethiopia. The MOU was the first of its kind for the initiative, which will open its application process later in 2019.

The AIFP is a partnership between the public and private sectors, which will provide public sector infrastructure practitioners with tailored training and capacity building to better plan, prioritise and deliver infrastructure and improve the lives of more citizens. The program contains four main elements:

  • 2-week intensive academic course;
  • PPP certification, legal workshops and an introduction to practical tools that are available to them for support;
  • Internship and practical work experience with private sector firms;
  • An ongoing network of practitioners.

CEO of the Global Infrastructure Hub Marie Lam-Frendo said “We recognise that the challenge of procuring, financing and delivering infrastructure in Africa is not one that governments can meet alone, although we acknowledge the rapid progress being made in some countries. I’m delighted to be involved in this program and see it as a unique and practical way to help encourage reforms and break down barriers between public and private sectors.