1 July 2019

QII Principles endorsed by G20 Leaders

1 July 2019

The Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) welcomes the G20 Osaka Leaders’ Declaration that was released over the weekend and endorsed the Principles for Quality Infrastructure Investment as the G20’s common strategic direction and high aspiration.

The G20 Leaders’ acknowledged that the new Principles emphasise that quality infrastructure is an essential part of the G20's ongoing efforts to close the infrastructure gap, in accordance with the Roadmap to Infrastructure as an Asset Class.

This endorsement at the G20 Osaka Leaders’ Summit follows the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors endorsement in Fukuoka, Japan on 9 June 2019. In that Communique the G20 Finance Ministers also recognised the Quality Infrastructure Investment Database (QII Database) and its ability to help implement quality infrastructure investment.

The QII Database was developed in collaboration with the GI Hub, the OECD and the World Bank and includes resources and facilities relevant to Quality Infrastructure Investment under the Principles for Quality Infrastructure Investment - sustainable growth and development, economic efficiency, environmental considerations, building resilience, social considerations and infrastructure governance.

View the G20 Osaka Leaders’ Declaration on our G20 Infrastructure Outcomes page where you can also find initiatives and outcomes relating to infrastructure that have been endorsed by the G20 under various Presidencies since 2014.

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