15 March 2017

Levelling the field – how infrastructure builds shared prosperity: Athens PPP Seminar

15 March 2017

Global Infrastructure Hub Chief Executive Officer Chris Heathcote says quality public infrastructure can promote greater affluence and spark global growth.

Mr Heathcote told a Public-Private Partnership Seminar in Athens that “infrastructure changes lives and changes economies”.

“Right now, well-planned, well-executed infrastructure is the key to creating greater affluence and fuelling global growth,” he said.

The Global Infrastructure Hub joined the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the World Bank to host the PPP seminar on March 9-10 to promote private investment in public infrastructure as a means to bridge the massive infrastructure gap across the globe.

Representatives from PPP units across 20 countries in eastern Europe, central Asia and the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, attended the seminar.

From left: GI Hub's Morag Baird and Chris Heathcote, Head of Central PPP Unit Greece Nikos Mantzoufas, and GI Hub's Richard Timbs at the Regional PPP Seminar in Athens on March 9-10.