5 August 2020

In November 2019, we launched our InfraChallenge competition, asking innovators all over the world, how can digital ideas and technology can be applied to solve economic or social infrastructure issues. The impressive number of applications we received demonstrated a passion to innovate, disrupt and transform infrastructure. These solutions came from over 30 countries and technologies included artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to predictive technology, Internet of Things and cloud platforms – just to name a few.

After closely reviewing all the applications, the Top 20 were selected by Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) in April 2020. These 20 teams were then matched with an innovation or infrastructure expert and received eight weeks of mentoring and support to help further develop their entries and pitch for a place in the Top 10.

This week our GI Hub evaluation team carefully considered the 20 applications and today we’re announcing our Top 10 finalists for InfraChallenge!

Aerologix uses vision acquired by drone technology and powered by the Aeropath app, enabling infrastructure companies to easily and affordably inspect their assets on a regular basis.

City Capstone
City Capstone is an approach to urban planning that achieves more human, inclusive and sustainable cities through the integration of a 'Smart City' methodology to assess and address a city's needs with a social listening tool to canvas public sentiment regarding potential infrastructure solutions for that city. It provides urban planners with the data and insights needed to optimise infrastructure planning and delivery.

Creating Networks
NetCreate is a digital process using global open source GIS datasets to automatically create an outline wastewater network on a repeatable basis.  A standardised approach makes it repeatable throughout countries or across regions, and configurable to specific needs, aiding the speed at which the planning and design of wastewater networks could be achieved for the 2 billion people globally who lack basic sanitation facilities.

Continuum uses Artificial Intelligence to supercharge infrastructure design by helping engineers automate existing design processes, enabling them to design better infrastructure in a fraction of the time.

H3 Dynamics
H3 Dynamics uses robotics and artificial intelligence to increase the frequency of big infrastructure condition inspections and automate the reporting process.

Infradiminica uses a collaborative digital platform, combining drones and crowdsourcing, to deliver greater productivity, improved project efficiency and greater adherence to budget, time and scope projections.

Mruna uses autonomous and nature-based wastewater treatment (WWT) technology with secure Internet of Things sensors to decentralize and disrupt the sector and deliver cost savings that will make WWT more accessible globally.

SAFITY is a technology platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor infrastructure in public spaces to detect possible risks and threats, particularly regarding crowded events in public spaces, enabling authorities to better coordinate and respond in real time to potential incidents.

Team Tybolt
Tybolt is a technology driven service that turns a static, complex infrastructure project financial model into a fully assured governance and management tool. With an effective and low cost and effort solution, this service solves the problem of project financial models being designed and built as dynamic models without a way to manage or utilise them that way.

Track your Build
Track Your Build combines data from drones, satellites, and ground sensors with a cloud platform for data storage and analytics, providing insights that can inform decision-making on infrastructure investments at all stages of the project lifecycle.

What's next? Our Top 10 teams will now focus on getting their idea pitch perfect for the virtual InfraChallenge Final in mid-September where the winner will be decided. We will be bringing you regular updates on the teams and the final event, so stay tuned!