8 June 2021

Global Infrastructure Hub joins new consortium to champion and accelerate transformative infrastructure

8 June 2021

Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (SIP) and a set of founding partners, have recently launched the Innovative Infrastructure Initiative (I³); a new consortium championing and accelerating transformative infrastructure projects in America that use technology and innovation to meet pressing infrastructure needs.

The core objectives and initiatives of I³ include:

  • Advancing and transforming infrastructure projects
  • Creating a productive environment for innovative and focused public and private sector collaboration
  • Responding to urgent social and environmental infrastructure-related challenges

As an organisation that champions sustainable, resilient and inclusive infrastructure growth, the Global Infrastructure Hub welcomes this new partnership and their active involvement in I³. The Global Infrastructure Hub’s Senior Advisor, Denis Crevier and Partnerships Manager, Daniel Galle will represent the Global Infrastructure Hub in this new consortium.

Catherine Benz, Program Manager of I³, was quick to acknowledge the importance of this partnership, “We are living in a truly unique time for infrastructure, when technology and innovation can and should be utilised to build infrastructure systems that are more sustainable and support inclusive growth. As a connector between important private and public sector players, the Global Infrastructure Hub is an ideal partner to contribute to the Innovative Infrastructure Initiative's mission.”

The consortium’s impact is already visible in the Biden administration’s $2 trillion infrastructure investment plan. Over the last six months, I³ has convened infrastructure policy experts from academia, industry, government and published the first I³ Plan alongside the consortium’s launch. Many of the ideas proposed in the plan feature prominently in Biden’s infrastructure plan including a dedicated funding sleeve for transformative transportation infrastructure investments; support for local government innovation in procurement; an investment in broadband access and equity that support the concept of open, future-proofed municipal wireless networks; investment to ensure a resilient energy grid; and, finally an ARPA-C investment in climate-related research and development. Although the bill is yet to be approved, I³ is pleased to see many of these core themes reflected in Biden’s initial proposal.

The Global Infrastructure Hub will join I³ founding partners Accelerator for America, American Society of Civil Engineers, Brick & Mortar Ventures, Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy, SIP, X, and the moonshoot factory. 

About Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners:

Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (SIP) is a holding company that pioneers technology-enabled infrastructure to transform urban life and create long-term value. SIP’s flexible holding company structure enables them to act as a long-term strategic partner with patient capital. https://sidewalkinfra.com/