17 March 2017

GI Hub supports APEC Business Dialogue with Indonesian Government

17 March 2017

GI Hub Senior Director for Legal Frameworks and Procurement Policies Mark Moseley gave a presentation at an APEC Business Dialogue aimed at promoting waste management projects being undertaken as Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Indonesia.  The dialogue was held in Jakarta on 14 March 2017 and was convened by the Indonesian Government, the APEC Business Advisory Council, the Asia-Pacific Financial Forum (APFF), and the Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Partnership (APIP), and co-organised by the Japanese Government.

Mr Moseley presented on the waste management section of the GI Hub’s online PPP Risk Allocation tool, specifically leading discussion on appropriate risk allocation between the public and private sectors for waste management projects structured as PPPs.  The full tool, which sets out a sample of 12 project types across the transport, energy, water and sanitation sectors is available on the GI Hub’s website (http://globalinfrastructurehub.org/allocating-risks-in-ppps/).

Presentations were also given by other key participants in the public and private sectors as well as multilateral organisations including the Indonesian Ministry of National Planning (Bappenas), the Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund, the Indonesia Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the Japan Ministry of the Environment, the Clean Authority of Tokyo, Japan, the Asian Development Bank, the APFF, the APIP, Moody’s and several other key legal, financial and technical advisors involved in waste management PPPs.