2 July 2018

GI Hub Presentation on the ASEAN Markets at the Asia Pacific Investors Cooperation 2018 Summit in Tokyo on 21-22 June 2018

Written by Mark Moseley, COO Global Infrastructure Hub
2 July 2018

The GI Hub was asked by the Asia Pacific Investors Cooperation organisation (APIC) to give a presentation on the state of ASEAN infrastructure markets at the APIC 2018 Summit in Tokyo on 21-22 June 2018.


The Summit is a major annual gathering of large pension funds and national Social Security Systems organizations that are active in the Asian and Australasian regions. These entities, known as ‘institutional investors’, are becoming increasingly interested in infrastructure investments, in order to earn better returns for pensioners and for citizens who rely on the Social Security plans of their respective countries.


The G20 is particularly interested in encouraging this trend, given the immense size of the funds that these institutional investors control, and given the equally immense size of the global ‘Infrastructure gap’.


The GI Hub was asked to focus on infrastructure markets in the ASEAN countries in Southeast Asia, and Mark Moseley, the Hub’s Chief Operating Officer, used the GI Hub’s recently updated InfraCompass and Outlook reports to highlight the Hub’s assessments as to the investment environment in these countries and the opportunities in different infrastructure sectors.


Other speakers highlighted their positive experiences with infrastructure investments in the region and the importance of paying close attention to the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) elements of infrastructure projects. The meeting concluded with a speech given by Madame Yuriko Koike, the Governor of Tokyo.


Additional information on the updated InfraCompass and Outlook reports can be found, respectively, at https://infracompass.gihub.org/ and https://outlook.gihub.org/.