29 March 2019

For Consultation - Guidance Note on National Infrastructure Banks and Similar Financing Facilities

29 March 2019



We welcome your input and feedback by 25 April 2019 at morag.baird@gihub.org


This new Guidance Note has been developed by the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) in collaboration with Cambridge Economic Policy Associates Limited (CEPA).


This Guidance Note has been designed to assist governments interested in establishing, or reforming, a National Infrastructure Bank or a similar financing facility (NIB). The objective of the guide is to identify lessons learned from the examination of a wide variety of existing NIBs in both emerging markets and high-income countries, including institutions with an extensive history and those that have been established more recently.

With an overall aim of maximising the impact that infrastructure banks can have in delivering quality infrastructure projects, including through mobilising private capital, supporting project preparation and providing value for money for end users, the analysis has sought to identify some of the unique niches and roles that such institutions can occupy and play in support of government objectives and policies in these areas.

Consultation details 

Email address: morag.baird@gihub.org 

Consultation dates: 29 March to 25 April 2019 

While all comments received will be reviewed and documented, they may not be incorporated into the final version. The Global Infrastructure Hub will release a table after the consultation process that anonymously details all comments.  

We look forward to receiving feedback on the tool.