4 June 2021

Event Summary: G20 and OECD host Infrastructure Investors Dialogue

4 June 2021

On 3 June, the Italian G20 Presidency in collaboration with the OECD and D20 Long-Term Investor Club, hosted an Infrastructure Investors Dialogue: Financing Sustainable Infrastructure for Recovery.

The objective of the dialogue was to leverage ongoing efforts to advance collaboration between the public and private sectors, with a particular focus on unlocking further investment and sustainability.

A range of leading experts joined and contributed to the session including Global Infrastructure Hub CEO Marie Lam-Frendo.

Marie participated in a panel session alongside Nicolas Buchoud, Fellow, Global Solutions Initiative; Jerome Haegeli, Group Chief Economist, Swiss Re; René Kassis, Managing Director and Head of Real & Private Assets, La Banque Postale; Riccardo Puliti, Regional Director for Infrastructure Africa, World Bank Group; and Daniel Wiener, President of the Board, Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation. Their panel session addressed how the blending between public and private resources could be enhanced to reduce the perceived risk for private investors. 

Marie addressed the role of data in reducing risk: “Data help us understand what projects provide us with certain benefits and help de-risk the project by showing the performance of given assets.” Data is an essential foundation, she said, to “ensure we are putting the right projects forward as part of this recovery, to make it transformative and sustainable, resilient and inclusive, and also to ensure that with this data we can de-risk at the project level.”

Marie also spoke about the role of collaboration in reducing risk perception: “In all jurisdictions where you see private investment ramping up, it is where there is an opportunity to collaborate closely on crafting deals, so here we’re talking about very early-stage involvement. This is the first way to start de-risking perception to investors.” Later this year, the GI Hub will launch a work on improving delivery, she said, which will showcase ways of co-creating between the public and private sectors.

You can learn more and watch the virtual session here: https://youtu.be/UhZ0vVlWd64