5 March 2019

FOR CONSULTATION – Reference Tool on Inclusive Infrastructure and Social Equity  

5 March 2019

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The draft Reference Tool on Inclusive Infrastructure and Social Equity is open for public consultation to capture your insights and feedback for the final version.   

We welcome your input and feedback by 2 April 2019 at inclusiveinfra@gihub.org. 


This new reference tool has been developed by the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) under one of its key mandate areas: to develop and promote leading practices for delivering quality infrastructure. 

The GI Hub worked closely with Atkins Acuity to develop an actionable framework for governments that wish to take an inclusive approach to infrastructure.  

This draft also incorporates contributions from various governments, academics, private companies and non-governmental organisations. A consultative board provided insight, helped to identify projects, and reviewed content. In addition, two consultative workshops were held with government officials from 10 countries across Africa and Latin America. 


The overall aim of this work is to provide practical guidance to governments to help them maximise the inclusivity benefits of their large-scale infrastructure projects. This guidance is illustrated by real-life leading practice project examples from around the world. 

For the purpose of this tool, the definition of inclusive infrastructure is that which enhances positive outcomes in social inclusivity and ensures that no individual, community, or social group is left behind or prevented from benefiting from improved infrastructure. 

It is hoped that this tool will further increase awareness of the concept of inclusive infrastructure and how to maximise the benefits of social inclusivity, as well as create discussion and highlight areas which require further attention and development. 

Consultation details 

Email address: inclusiveinfra@gihub.org 

Consultation dates: 5 March to 2 April 2019 

While all comments received will be reviewed and documented they may not be incorporated into the final version. The Global Infrastructure Hub will release a table after the consultation process that anonymously details all comments.  

We look forward to receiving feedback on the tool, which will help to further the discussion on and development of the concept of inclusive infrastructure.