10 August 2018

Developing Africa through infrastructure - a GI Hub/ World Bank blog

10 August 2018

Mark Moseley, COO of GI Hub has collaborated with the World Bank to discuss developing Africa through infrastructure supported by the findings from the updated Global Infrastructure Outlook and InfraCompass which now include 10 of the Compact with Africa (CWA) countries.


Talk of trade tariffs and heightened geopolitical tensions are dominating news headlines recently. As developed economies consider escalating protectionist policies, it’s easy to forget about the situation many emerging markets face.


As outlined in the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects report released in June this year, protectionist policies would affect emerging market and developing economies (EMDEs) more severely than advanced economies. And this is at a time where increased investment and spending in EMDEs, including in infrastructure, is sorely needed.


Infrastructure investment is vital for Africa’s growth prospects, and whilst progress has been made in the continent, much more still needs to be done—from both the public and private sectors.


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