Download the full report here Project Overview The USD 700 million Paseo del Bajo project is a transformative road corridor project being developed by the City of Buenos Aires (CABA) in Argentina to ease traffic and improve connectivity between the North and South areas of the city. It will be CABA s largest construction work in over 35 years and is part of the CABA government s Public Works Plan for 2016-2019, in line with Argentina s substantial national infrastructure investment program. The corridor will consist of an innovative trench (also known as a cut-and-cover ) tunnel design, the first of its kind in Argentina, as well as managed lanes[1] and new public green spaces. The highway corridor will be 7.1km long and will connect the Illia Highway with two of the city s busiest roadways, the 25 de Mayo and Buenos Aires-La Plata Highways. More than 25,000 private cars and heavy vehicles cross the city centre every day without this being their final destination, generating congestion, longer travel times and higher levels of environmental and noise pollution. The corridor will allow traffic to be redistributed away from crowded city areas, particularly helping to alleviate heavy traffic on the Madero-Huergo and Moreau de Justo Avenues, as well as provide more direct access to the Port of Buenos Aires (Port) and the Retiro Bus Terminal. The regulator for the public project is the Ministry of Urban Development and Transport within the CABA government, whilst state-owned concessionaire Autopistas Urbanas S. A. (AUSA) is the project manager, and responsible for operations and maintenance. The project will be part of the overall urban highway system, so the concession period will be the same as AUSA s general concession for the system, which ends in 2029. The construction of the project has been divided into three separate contracts, each contracted to different consortiums but to be completed simultaneously, with total construction expected to take up to 28 months. Construction began in January 2017 and is expected to be completed in April 2019. Part of the project will be financed through the sale of unused areas in Buenos Aires, particularly public plots of land close to the Retiro Terminal and Puerto Madero. Under Law 5796, promulgated on March 29 2017 specifically for this project, the CABA government will sell pre-determined plots of land to re-invest in the Paseo del Bajo project as a grant, to reduce dependence on the public budget. The remainder o