Written by World Bank
23 April 2019

This is a self-learning tool for city transport leaders and their advisers, but also a public resource that provides guidance in the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of an ITS program. The toolkit comprises this dedicated website, but is supported by a Companion Guide and Handbook that can be downloaded for printing as reference documents.The Passenger Transport ITS Toolkit is part of a comprehensive library of reference and capacity building resources. They have been prepared by the World Bank for policymakers and senior technical managers in urban transport.

This particular resource is part of a public transport toolkit suite, including the Urban Bus Toolkit and the Public Transport Fares Toolkit. The objective of the toolkit is to provide a basic understanding of all aspects of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for urban passenger transport related to improving both the internal efficiency of public transport providers and the customer service.

The toolkit serves as a step by step guide that helps urban transport leaders, and the organizations they lead, to plan, design and implement ITS to improve the efficiency and attractiveness of the passenger transport system in their cities.