Written by PwC
15 May 2017
The study aims to understand the role of specialist investors in UK infrastructure and the impact on performance of vital infrastructure assets over the past decade. It is noticed that specialist infrastructure investors share similar aims, with a focus of making stable long-term returns on their major capital investments, and they have been especially drawn to the UK, which has a favourable regulatory regime and has consistently proved among the most fertile hunting grounds. However, limited research or evaluation, has been undertaken, to understand the impact of this sea-change in ownership of the UK s infrastructure to understand how this investor class has responded to the challenges of owning, servicing, and renewing essential (and sometimes ancient) assets, as well as providing consumers good quality and efficient services at a fair price. This study aims to provide the first steps toward understanding the early effects of the revolution. The document aims to understand the performance of these vital assets under specialist ownership using research focused on evaluating the performance and capital investment in the UK s principal infrastructure assets over the past decade. It is supplemented by interviews with industry professionals, from management teams and owners toregulators and industry observers, which has resulted in some asset-specific case studies. Publication Date: 10.2015