Written by The Economist Corporate Network - Warren, Herman
17 May 2017
This ECN report focuses on the role played by the multilateral and bilateral institutions to fund and support Africa-based infrastructure projects. As part of the research, ECN analysed the infrastructure related activities of 14 DFIs ( focus DFIs ), assessing their funding approvals across 22 African countries ( focus countries ) over a six-year period: 2009 to 2014. ECN also conducted 15 on- and off-the-record interviews with individuals active in funding and facilitating Africa-based infrastructure initiatives. The combination of the quantitative and qualitative research provides insights into the evolving development-capital landscape and the importance of these funding providers in supporting Africa s infrastructure build-out. What has emerged from the research is that DFIs play a critical role in providing funding and other support to enable the build-out of infrastructure across Africa. Publication Date: 11.2015