Written by University of Sydney - JGarry Bowditch in collaboration with Gordon Noble and Glenn Maguire
11 April 2017
This policy outlook paper series is part of the Leadership Partner Program with the National Australia Bank. The partnership aims to challenge the nation and infrastructure stakeholders towards a new reform agenda centered on customer led infrastructure. The document has been prepared based on an online survey of more than 1,000 Australian consumers. The survey asked consumers which among 18 categories of infrastructure operators including passenger transport, schools, hospitals, airports, utilities and roads were considered the most customer-focused. Those surveyed were asked to rate services they had used in the past 12 months. Shifting the mindset that infrastructure is predominantly about delivering services to customers and community has the potential to be a defining moment for Australia. The initiative is guided by 10 key propositions: Better infrastructure requires better long-term planning; All infrastructure interventions should be scaled, targeted and feasible. The biggest impediment to better infrastructure is lack of transparency. Infrastructure businesses are better than infrastructure projects. Land-use planning and infrastructure planning are the same thing. Good project selection is paramount; financing is secondary. Infrastructure is primarily about service outcomes to people and business. Risk is a catalyst for more innovation. Better infrastructure relies on strong institutional memory. Leadership matters. Publication Date: 09.2016