Written by World Bank, ADB and IADB
1 May 2017

The Reference Guide is divided into three modules:

  • Module 1: PPP BasicsWhat and Why?
    Provides an overview of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)—what they are, how they are used to provide infrastructure assets and services, their benefits, and their pitfalls.
  • Module 2: Establishing the PPP Framework.
    Describes the elements of a sound legal and institutional PPP framework—that is, the policy, processes, institutions, and rules that together define how PPPs will be identified and implemented, and that promote good governance of PPP programs.
  • Module 3: Implementing PPP Projects.
    Provides guidance on each stage of developing and implementing a PPP project—from initially identifying candidate projects to managing PPP contracts through the project lifetime.

Each module begins with an introduction, providing an overall framework for the module's content, and listing any helpful overview references. The modules are divided into sections, each covering a different topic.

Publication Date: 01.05.2017