Written by Ministry of Finance Singapore
15 May 2017

This document mainly focuses on:

  • Introduction to public Private Partnerships,
  • Structuring a PPP Deal,
  • PPP Procurement Process and
  • Managing a PPP Relationship.

PPP is an alternative method to the way the government delivers public services. By tapping more on private sector innovation, resources and capability, PPPs can, when structured properly, give rise to better and mutually beneficial outcomes for the public, the public sector and the private sector in a long term partnership.

Some of these outcomes include optimal life cycle costing, sharing of risks, maximising asset utilisation and greater business opportunities for the private sector. The rest of this PPP handbook will describe in greater detail the considerations in structuring a PPP deal, entering into a collaborative PPP partnership (i.e. the PPP procurement process) and maintaining the collaborative relationship in a PPP project.

Publication Date: 01.2012