19 April 2017

Managing Transnational Infrastructure Programmes in Africa – Challenges and Best Practices

Written by World Economic Forum
19 April 2017

This second report of the Business Working Group, “Managing transnational infrastructure programmes in Africa – Challenges and best practices”, identifies the key hurdles that have to be overcome and new models of partnership between business, government and donors to implement the 51 Priority Action Plan (PAP) infrastructure transnational projects .

It also presents a best-practice framework to guide policy-makers, sponsors and managers, and to facilitate the delivery of transnational programmes, on schedule, at cost and at the right quality. These programmes can make a huge contribution to social and economic welfare by boosting transnational trade, connecting landlocked countries to world markets and by improving access to, and security of, electricity supply by linking large power plants with neighbouring countries.

Publication Date: 05.2014