Written by GI Hub
Developed by Global Infrastructure Hub
15 February 2019
Globally, there is a significant deficit of required infrastructure to meet the needs of countries populations, and delivering infrastructure that meets these needs is a high priority of governments in many countries. While attention on PPPs often focuses on the ability to attract financing and achieve the critical milestone of financial close, less attention is usually given to the subsequent management of projects throughout construction and operation. The PPP Contract Management Tool provides public sector officials with practical guidance and case studies, so that those responsible for managing contracts after financial close are better able to ensure project objectives and value for money. The reference tool has been developed based on analysis of contract management experience from more than 250 PPP projects globally and lessons learned from specific project case studies. The reference tool is designed to be used by a variety of public sector authorities with different levels of expertise and experience in managing PPP projects. While it is aimed at those responsible for managing PPP projects after financial close, it also highlights lessons arising over the lifetime of these projects, which are instructive for those responsible for the procurement of PPPs, as well as policy makers. Publication Date: 2018