23 January 2019

Leading Practices in Governmental Processes Facilitating Infrastructure Project Preparation

Written by Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub)
Developed by Global Infrastructure Hub
23 January 2019
The Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) has led the development of this Reference Tool on Governmental Processes Facilitating Infrastructure Project Preparation (hereinafter referred to as the reference tool ) to support the operationalisation of the G20 Principles. This reference tool is intended as a guidance document for governments and practitioners involved in infrastructure project preparation, and is built on a detailed country-lens review of project preparation practices in 15 countries. The reference tool seeks to address challenges faced by governments in earlystage project preparation through providing guidance in five areas:Enabling environment for project preparation. Financing project preparation, Infrastructure planning and project prioritisation, Project feasibility, reviews and approvals, and Project communication. Project preparation is a critical enabler of infrastructure development and has been identified as a key pillar in the G20 s strategic roadmap to develop infrastructure as an asset class. The reference tool will be a useful aid for policy-makers and practitioners in their quest to improve project preparation practices and their capacity for preparing quality infrastructure projects, building upon the G20 Principles for the Infrastructure Project Preparation Phase. Publication Date: 01.2019