25 April 2019

Italian guidelines for the evaluation of public infrastructure investments

Written by Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport
25 April 2019

MIT guidelines define the criteria and procedures for

  1. ex-ante evaluation of infrastructure gaps in Italy;
  2. ex-ante assessment of project;
  3. selection of projects to be included in the multi-year program of public investments.

Criteria for project selection are based on: technical feasibility, socio-economic profitability, financial sustainability and feasibility, environmental and procedural compliance, the contribute of projects to the national strategy. Risk and sensitivity analysis is performed on the main criteria.

Conflict assessment is also recommended to develop a comprehensive analysis of actual and potential conflict and possible negotiating strategies. Additional criteria can reward special quality arrangements regarding the governance of the project; accelerated implementation, including consensus building activities among local communities (such as public hearing and other forms of public engagement); technological innovation and ICT adoption; advanced management, monitoring and maintenance planning. The Cost-Benefit Analysis is the main approach to project evaluation, while Cost-Effectiveness is allowed when fewer information are available and in relation to project characteristics. Finally, a two-step Multi Criteria approach is applied to identify the final set of projects to be developed.

Publication Date: 01.06.2017

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