Written by Department of Infrastructure and Transport, Australian Government
11 April 2017
Effective and efficient infrastructure is vital to Australia s future prosperity and driving sustainable economic growth. Properly delivered and resourced infrastructure projects underpin the nation s economic prosperity, providing both primary and secondary benefits to Australian industry and the wider Australian public. As the Australian economy experiences sustained growth, even during the recent worldwide economic downturn, the demand for new and enhanced infrastructure continues to fuel the infrastructure project pipeline. The Commonwealth, working with the states and territories, is committed to the delivery of high-quality infrastructure projects and driving continuous improvement in this arena. This can be achieved through the identification of best practice processes and behaviours in planning, procurement and delivery of infrastructure projects. While successful delivery of key infrastructure is vital to Commonwealth, state and territory governments, it should be recognised that there are risks associated with all project delivery. The potential cost of failure to deliver any of the key project components (cost, quality, safety or schedule) is an inherent risk. While cost overruns in major infrastructure projects represent one aspect of risk, another is the downstream impact, specifically the delay in securing the benefits expected from completed infrastructure projects. This booklet aims to provide a platform for sharing the knowledge gained through a review of best practice case studies within Australia s public sector. Knowledge sharing in this way will enhance the nation s ability to deliver high-quality infrastructure projects. Publication Date: 02.2012