Written by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Matthew Jordan-Tank, Marcos Martinez Garcia
Developed by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
27 September 2019
The fact that the majority of public sector entities have traditionally procured construction services from the private sector means that a significant amount of transferable knowledge and expertise can be adapted and utilised for the procurement of hard infrastructure through PPPs. Procurement of facilities management through PPPs necessitates consideration of a range of issues that do not typically feature in traditional procurement. This document provides suggestions on how to address typical challenges faced in the implementation of Facilities Management (FM) through PPPs with a focus on emerging countries with limited experience of the PPP model. This document is intended to provide interested governments with information and guidance on the required policy, regulatory and institutional framework in place to facilitate private sector participation in the delivery of FM service through PPPs. It identifies challenges that the development of the FM PPP model faces and explains the rationale behind them. The Paper also proposes a range of possible solutions based on best-practice, market-driven approaches and other commercialised alternatives to address challenges currently faced in the implementation of FM through PPPs, in particular in the EBRD's countries of operations.