21 April 2017

15th PwC Global Power & Utilities Survey - The narrowing window for energy transformation

Written by PwC
21 April 2017

The global energy transformation is gathering pace, driven by the twin forces of changing customer expectations and rapid technological evolution. In response, companies must undertake a strategic shift to prepare for new energy markets. Yet 82 percent of utility executives in our latest Global Power & Utilities Survey say their company is not yet ready for the transformation. In the meantime, new players from outside the sector are sizing up opportunities in energy markets around the world.

Between September and October 2018, we gathered the views of 118 power and utility company executives from over 100 companies and 56 different countries or territories in Europe, the Americas, Asia–Pacific, Middle East and Africa. The Europe region includes Russia. Global Data was proud to support PwC in researching the energy sector. Traditional utility companies are aware that there is a narrow window of opportunity – about five years – to build and acquire the strategies and capabilities needed to stay ahead. As a result, it remains an open question as to whether utilities respond quickly enough to satisfy customers or will other emerging competitors fill the space.

Publication Date: 2018

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