Written by Global Construction Perspective and Oxford Economics
Developed by Global Infrastructure Hub
17 May 2017

The report and over 50 separate databases provide accurate and reliable forecasts to 2030 and analyse the market dynamics in 48 major construction markets representing almost 90% of world output. The report and databases provide forecasts for construction and engineering globally as well as for country markets. The report and databases also examine trends and give forecasts for key sectors such as infrastructure, residential and non-residential markets globally, regionally and for 29 major construction markets.

The benchmark global study - the fourth in a series from Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics - shows average global construction growth of 3.9% pa to 2030, outpacing that of global GDP by over one percentage point, driven by developed countries recovering from economic instability and emerging countries continuing to industrialize.

Publication Date: 10.09.2015

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