16 January 2019
G20 Infrastructure Working Group, January 2019 Finalisation of the Leading Practices Tool on Governmental Processes Facilitating Infrastructure Project Preparation The reference tool on Governmental Processes Facilitating Infrastructure Project Preparation closely examines the relationships between countries institutional arrangements for project preparation, funding programs, project identification, feasibility studies and project structuring, through the lens of country-level governance and implementation. This initiative closely aligns with the G20 Principles for Project Preparation endorsed by the G20 Leaders in November 2018. The GI Hub and our consultant, CRISIL Limited, have now completed stakeholder interviews and finalised the reference tool. Guidance is provided around eight central themes for country-lens analysis, including the existing enabling environment, public sector capacity for project preparation, project preparation financing, project identification, feasibility and structuring, and project approvals processes, with close attention being paid to the interfaces between the various entities involved throughout the project preparation process, and how these relationships have led to the development of quality infrastructure projects. This tool, which is designed to be used by government policy-makers, captures leading practices and lessons learned in national and sub-national project preparation processes currently being implemented around the world, as demonstrated by 15 geographically and economically diverse country case studies. Countries covered in detail include the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, South Africa, and Mexico, amongst others. he reference tool can be accessed at https://www.gihub.org/project-preparation/ Initial Report on the Leading Practices Tool on Output Specifications for Quality Infrastructure In November 2018, the GI Hub awarded the consultancy contract for the upcoming Leading Practices reference tool on Output Specifications for Quality Infrastructure to Mott MacDonald. This work has now commenced and will be closely aligned with the G20 discussions on the Quality Infrastructure Investment workstream; a priority area highlighted by Japan. The objective of this Leading Practices initiative is to provide guidance for government PPP units and line ministries on the development of output specifications for quality infrastructure in PPP projects, including representative examples