The focus on InfraTech supports the G20 Infrastructure Working Group by highlighting the important role technology can play in helping countries make well-informed decisions and achieve more efficient financial outlays, by mobilizing private sector investment, by enhancing service delivery and by achieving environmental, social and economic benefits.

Infrastructure technology, or InfraTech, can be described as the integration of material, machine, and digital technologies across the infrastructure life cycle. At its broadest definition, InfraTech can be considered any technology that impacts the development, delivery, and ongoing operation of infrastructure. This may include technologies used to define the strategic requirements of infrastructure or enable data-driven decision-making, innovations in finance and funding that support the commercial management of an asset, or technologies integral to the relationship a customer has with infrastructure services. From a policy perspective, it is important to make the distinction between the design of technologies in the operations of infrastructure planning and delivery versus the integration of technologies into the structures themselves, which changes the nature of infrastructure assets from simple inanimate objects to dynamic information systems.