31 October 2018

Building across borders: The state of internationalisation in European public construction tenders

Written by McKinsey & Company - Niklas Berglind, Martin Hjerpe, Erik Sjödin, and Jacob Staun
31 October 2018

Participating in tenders abroad might not be the right strategy for every construction company, nor is it a priority for every tendering authority to attract foreign bidders; some may, on the contrary, prefer working with local contractors. But for many, there is large, untapped potential in this €100 billion ($125 billion) market.

For companies seeking to internationalise, there is the opportunity to enter a high-value market with a predictable and transparent landscape. Government agencies could benefit from a wider choice of available expertise, more bidders for every tender, and increased value for money. Based on an analysis of more than 150,000 public construction contracts across 15 countries, the report explores strategies for moving toward a more international construction-tender market.

Publication Date: 10.2018

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