Written by World Bank
Developed by The World Bank
27 September 2019
The Climate and Disaster Risk Screening Tools developed by the World Bank, provide a systematic, consistent, and transparent way of considering short- and long-term climate and disaster risks in project and national/sector planning processes. Screening is an initial, but essential, step to ensure these risks are assessed and managed to support mainstreaming of climate and disaster resilience into key development policies, programs, and projects. These self-paced tools provide high-level screening at an early stage of program and/or project development. The tools do not provide a detailed risk analysis, nor do they suggest specific options for increasing the project s resilience. They are intended to help determine the need for further studies, consultation, and/or dialogue in the course of program or project design. The World Bank Climate & Disaster Risk Screening Tools site will soon launch its updated version (2019).
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