Written by International Road Assessment Programme
1 December 2017
ChinaRAP is a collaboration between the International Road Assessment Programme and the Research Institute of Highway (RIOH), Ministry of Transport (MoT). Launched in 2008, seed financial support was provided through the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility by Bloomberg Philanthropies and now ten times that amount is now mobilised by the Chinese Government. An early aim of the collaboration was to support the goal of achieving China free of high risk roads through introducing system solutions (static and dynamic) to traffic safety management, design improvement, facilities application, traffic risk monitoring and intervention during the implementation of the central government s Highway Safety Enhancement Project (HSEP). ChinaRAP is now at the centre of the scaled-up HSEP Phase II. The programme assessment method aims to eliminate high risk sections of existing roads and ensure that no new hazardous sections are added during the design and construction stages of new projects.