Written by Global Infrastructure hub
Developed by Global Infrastructure Hub
27 September 2019

This guidance tool has been developed for governments that wish to enhance the viability of their PPP infrastructure projects. This tool deals with the appropriate allocation of risks between the public and private parties participating in the project, and is designed to help governments build a pipeline of viable PPP projects. The Global Infrastructure Hub Annotated Public-private Partnership Risk Allocation Matrices develops a set of 12 sample annotated risk allocation matrices for public-private partnership (PPP) transactions, in a variety of sectors including transport, energy, and water and sanitation.

In each sample risk matrix, there is a detailed listing of project risks, along with a discussion of risk allocation, mitigation measures and government support arrangements. Each matrix is accompanied by annotations, explaining the rationale for allocations, mitigation measures, any government support arrangements, and describing alternative measures for countries with differing levels of PPP market maturity.

Publication Date: 2016

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