Written by World Bank
12 April 2017
The paper Success Stories and Lessons Learned: Country, Sector and Project Examples of Overcoming Constraints to the Financing of Infrastructure prepared by the World Bank Group for the G-20 IIWG in January 2014 identifies key requirements and includes an initial framework for successful PPPs emphasizing the importance of politics, economics and execution. This PPP checklist is an extension of the initial framework. It has been prepared from the point of view of public policy makers and decision-makers in countries at various levels of development and capacities for the purpose of a high level assessment of a PPP project. It seeks to provide public policy makers and managers with a tool that can help them ensure that the key requirements in projects and programs are fulfilled. The checklist includes project/ transaction specific questions as well as questions on the overarching environment and covers phases of a PPP project from concept to completion of contract term Publication Date: 22.08.2014