10 July 2018

GI HUB IPFA Webinar Infrastructure Investment Opportunity and Reform in Africa

10 July 2018

On Thursday 5th July, Global Infrastructure Hub presented to International Project Finance Association members on the investment opportunity and challenges in African countries. Brer Adams, Senior Director, Energy and Infrastructure and Steven Hong, Senior Manager spoke to the topic, delivering a detailed data-driven assessment across 15 African countries.


The presentation was delivered following the launch of updates to two of Global Infrastructure Hub's premier studies, Global Infrastructure Outlook and Infracompass. The updates focuses on aligning these studies to the G20 Compact with Africa initiative, expanding their coverage across Africa.


The new data in Global Infrastructure Outlook allowed the Global Infrastructure Hub to forecast, for the first time, the scale of the infrastructure investment need, current investment trends, and corresponding investment gaps in 15 Africa countries at a country and sector level, and how these relate to meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The update to InfraCompass provides a holistic view of the policy drivers that deliver more and better infrastructure, and what needs to be done to maximise investment opportunities in these 15 countries.


Expanding the coverage of these studies allows investors, advisors and Governments identify where the needs and opportunity are the greatest, and pinpoint the reform required to attract greater investment.


You can access the presentation here.


IPFA members can access the webinar recording here.