29 October 2019

Have your say on the Future of Infrastructure

29 October 2019

You’re invited to take part in a survey that will help us better understand the infrastructure community’s perceptions of a set of megatrends as they relate to the development of infrastructure to 2050.

We’d like to get your opinions on:

  • how clear the direction of these global trends is;
  • which trends are going to have the most profound impact on infrastructure development over the next 30 years; and
  • how prepared your industry is for each trend to occur.

You can complete the 8-10 minute survey here.

The survey results will guide activities that the GI Hub undertakes as part of our work stream on the “Future of Infrastructure” and your responses will directly inform the development of a shortlist of these megatrends into credible future scenarios and their implications. Upon completing the survey, we will share with you the links to the GI Hub’s latest online guidance tools.

The deadline for the survey is Friday 22 November 2019.