13 June 2017

GI Hub at the G20 Africa Partnership Conference — Investing in a Common Future

13 June 2017

The GI Hub participated in the G20 Africa Partnership Conference — Investing in a Common Future, in Berlin on June 12-13, 2017.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and a number of Heads of Government from various African countries stressed that greater private investment in infrastructure is the key priority of the G20 Compact with Africa initiative.

GI Hub Chief Operating Officer Mark Moseley was invited to participate as an expert resource for the panel discussion on “Preparing Viable Projects” for sustainable infrastructure in Africa.

In his remarks, he stressed the need for coordination amongst donors, particularly in regard to project preparation facilities, so that African governments do not have to face the problem of having multiple interactions with different aid organisations. He also recommended the use of pilot projects to help African governments develop their legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks for private investment in infrastructure on a ‘learn by doing’ basis, as opposed to postponing projects until the frameworks are perfected.

A new website was announced at the Conference to support the Compact with Africa.