Government officials from Bangladesh’s Information & Communication Technology Division (ICT), as well as other relevant ministries, visited the GI Hub today in Sydney to hear about its work, with a particular focus on global leading practices related to public-private partnerships (PPPs).

The delegation from Bangladesh was led by the Managing Director of the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority, Ms Honse Ara Begum.  The Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority forms part of the Information & Communication Technology Division and was set up in 2010 to deliver hi-tech parks in Bangladesh.      

The delegation was met by several GI Hub team members led by the GI Hub’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr Mark Moseley.

The discussions centred around Bangladesh’s plan to deliver 28 hi-tech parks over the coming years and relevant activities and tools of the GI Hub. Of particular interest were the discussions around the GI Hub’s Project Pipeline, the PPP Risk Allocation Tool and the upcoming PPP Contract Management Tool (expected to be made available publically in March 2018).