2 April 2019

Addressing Data Gaps In Long-Term Investment: An Agenda For Research

Written by OECD
2 April 2019

Addressing Data Gaps in Long-term Investment: An Agenda for Research and Breaking Silos: Actions to Develop Infrastructure as an Asset Class and Address the Information Gap present actions that can be taken by governments in order to facilitate investment in infrastructure by promoting the sharing and availability of data on infrastructure investment.

The reports provide recommendations to countries to help identify a research agenda for addressing the main gaps in information for understanding the drivers and impediments of long-term investment and related financing. Recommendations include promoting standardisation of some infrastructure investment and procurement activities, mapping infrastructure investment risks and financing patterns, and promoting international infrastructure data collection, including the adoption of a preferred template for the collection of data. This work accords with some of the recommendations made in the context of the G20 Data Gaps Initiative.

Publication Date: 09.2015

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