Written by PPIAF
15 May 2017

The Toolkit is a reference guide for public authorities in developing countries for the development of PPP programs in the highways sector, particularly in assisting in PPP policy development, project preparation and the sourcing and monitoring of external expertise. It provides guidance in the definition of strategy and policy for PPP, the characteristics of PPP projects and the stages for their preparation. It aims to assist transport sector policy makers in low- and middle-income countries in implementing procedures to promote private sector participation and financing in the development of their road and highway sector.

The Toolkit is presented in six modules, each presenting a specific subject matter for the development of PPP. Module 2 (Key Components) provides information on risk assessment, finance and public accounting. Module 4 (Laws and Contracts) examines the legal and regulatory environment to PPP. It provides a framework for diagnosis and reform and the basis for preparation of PPP contracts.

Publication Date: 01.2009