14 June 2019

Infrastructure Finance in the Developing World: Green Infrastructure - Definition and Needs

Written by Marshall Brown, Yongsung Kim and Mattia Romani, G-24 and Global Green Growth Institute
14 June 2019

Efforts have been frequently made to quantify infrastructure needs over the next decades, particularly in the developing and emerging world. Some estimates of infrastructure needs that would reduce carbon emissions to levels deemed acceptable in terms of their implications for climate change also exist.

Little work has been done, however, to develop a wider framework for infrastructure that lays the foundation for a sustainable model of economic growth, and then cost it in a way that is useful to inform the debate on infrastructure finance.

This paper expands upon existing literature by proposing a wider definition of what constitutes green infrastructure. We then develop a holistic cost model by defining and quantifying the investment categories that should be considered part of green infrastructure.

Publication Date: 01-06-2015

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