27 September 2019

From waste to resources: mobilising the private sector to deliver sustainable waste management

Written by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Developed by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
27 September 2019
The paper looks at the potential and preconditions for introducing or expanding competition for the provision of municipal waste management services by mobilising and engaging the private sector. This paper aims to provide national, regional and local governments and waste management service providers in economies where the EBRD invests with concise information and guidance on the key steps, elements and reforms typically required to: improve solid waste management infrastructure and services with the goal of managing waste more sustainably; and realise the potential benefits of involving the private sector in their delivery. It draws heavily on the expertise and practical experience of the authors, as well as the opinions expressed by participants in a two-day infrastructure policy dialogue seminar organised by the EBRD in London on 30 November and 1 December 2017 for representatives from Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Tunisia.