Written by KPMG
11 April 2017
Emerging Trends in 2016 suggests the industry is now standing on the cusp of greater change. The development and interaction of many of these trends could very well transform the way governments, businesses and users interact with and invest in infrastructure. More importantly, if managed properly, they also hold the power to solve many of the biggest challenges facing our industry today. The Key trends identified are: Trend 1: Macro risk environment shifts: No normal is the new normal ; Trend 2: Competition for investments heats up; Trend 3: Focusing on the larger benefits to unclog the pipeline; Trend 4: Asset management gets sophisticated; Trend 5: Technology rockets up the infrastructure agenda; Trend 6: Security becomes a mainstream issue; Trend 7: The gap between public and private narrows; Trend 8: Innovative new ways to fund infrastructure emerging; Trend 9: The institutional debt market takes off; Trend 10: China and India have arrived Publication Date: 2016