Written by NZ Transport Agency - Ian Wallis, Booz and Company (NZ) Ltd
11 April 2017

This report reviews the major approaches for assessing national and regional economic benefits, as well as the potential distributional implications of transport induced benefits. The paper assesses whether transport influences national and regional economic development, and if so, how this is role is best asserted. The primary economic assessment methods considered include: Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA), Input-Output Analysis (I-O), and Computable General Equilibrim (CGE).

The purpose of this report was threefold: 

  1. To review the major approaches to assessing the national economic benefits of transport investment and, in particular, the role of Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA);
  2. To review the role of transport investment in national and regional economic development and, in particular, whether it has a special role to play in such development;
  3. To review approaches for assessing regional economic and other distributional effects.

Publication Date: 2009