Written by Infrastructure Australia
30 March 2017
This document summarises the approach taken by Infrastructure Australia (IA) in assessing and prioritising initiatives and project proposals for placement on the Infrastructure Priority List (IPL). This process is part of IA's Assessment Framework, which is used to identify infrastructure initiatives and projects of national significance.The Assessment Framework provides a structured and objective approach to making decisions about infrastructure. The Assessment Framework is a cumulative process divided into five stages. Following feedback from stakeholders, we have amended the Assessment Framework to differentiate between identifying the problem and identifying the initiative, and developing a business case and assessing a business case. The five-stage assessment process is as follows: Problem Identification and Prioritisation; Initiative Identification and Options Development; Business Case Development; Business Case Assessment; and Post Completion Review This document provides a high-level overview of Infrastructure Australia s Assessment Framework. The Assessment Framework sets out the approach used by Infrastructure Australia to identify potential infrastructure solutions, which address nationally significant infrastructure problems and opportunities, for inclusion in the Infrastructure Priority List. Publication Date: 03.2018