19 April 2017

Analysis of the impact of increased Non-Conventional Renewable Energy generation on Latin American Electric Power Systems by IaDB

Written by Inter-American Development Bank - Carlos Batlle
Developed by Inter-American Development Bank
19 April 2017
The report is structured as follows: Section 1 provides an overview of renewables in Latin America; Section 2 includes a conceptual analysis of how the penetration of NCREs impacts power systems; section 3 provides a brief description of some solutions being or which could be applied to optimize the penetration of NCREs while maximizing it; Section 4 discusses some basic conceptual aspects that should be considered when dealing with the problem of long-term power system planning; Section 5 provides a general review of the main computer approaches being applied or studied in order to support decision-making for expanding electricity systems, for both the generation and the network side (transmission and distribution); Section 6 analyzes a series of experiences from a selection of Latin American countries. The aim is to briefly describe how each country is conducting its planning processes, focusing on the computer tools being used; Finally, Section 7 provides conclusions and improvement recommendations.