30 March 2017

Overview of the Brazilian PPP experience from a stakeholders' viewpoint

Written by IaDB - Cesar Queiroz, Gaston Astesiano, and Tomas Serebrisky
30 March 2017

This paper reviews the current status of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), hereinafter “the Bank”, intervention on PPP in Brazil, including a stakeholders’ survey on the performance of the Brazilian PPP program. The survey indicated several positive aspects of the program, as well as some areas of possible improvement.

It reviews the current status of the IDB's intervention on PPP in Brazil, including:

  1. review of key IDB projects;
  2. lessons learned from the implementation of the IDB projects and the PPP program;
  3. current investment trends in the latest PPP projects; and
  4. recommendations for the PPP program and potential future IDB interventions on PPPs.

Publication Date: 03.2014

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