2 July 2019

Now Closed - FOR CONSULTATION – Output Specifications for Quality Infrastructure

2 July 2019

The draft Reference Guide on Output Specifications for Quality Infrastructure is open for public consultation to capture your insights and feedback for the final version.

We welcome your input and feedback by 29 July 2019 at morag.baird@gihub.org


This Reference Guide was developed by the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub), in collaboration with Mott MacDonald, with the aim to operationalise the definition of Quality Infrastructure Investment agreed on at the G20 Hangzhou Summit in 2016[1].  The Reference Guide incorporates contributions from projects owners and private partners as well as over 40 delegates from 10 countries who attended a consultative workshop on the draft version.


The primary objective of this Reference Guide is to assist government and public sector asset owners in the development of Quality Infrastructure, specifically through the development and implementation of output specifications, performance measures, and reporting and contractual mechanisms.

The Reference Guide synthesises commonalities and lessons learned from 14 real-life reference projects, using these as examples to communicate the principles of good output specification development and how output specifications can contribute to the delivery of Quality Infrastructure.

The reference projects cover a range of countries, asset classes, and Quality Infrastructure focus areas.  Where available, output specifications have been directly quoted to provide concrete evidence of how to practically deliver quality infrastructure projects.

Consultation Details

Email address: morag.baird@gihub.org

Consultation dates: 1 July to 29 July 2019

While all comments received will be reviewed and documented, they may not be incorporated into the final version of the Reference Guide.  The GI Hub will release a table after the consultation process that anonymously details all comments.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

[1] Available at: http://www.g20.utoronto.ca/2016/160905-communique.html