23 May 2018

Special Program and Multidonor Fund for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Written by Inter-American Development Bank
23 May 2018

Date of effectiveness: 2013

The general objective of the program is to create opportunities and utilise the comparative advantage of the region in biodiversity and ecosystems services for sustainable and inclusive development in LAC. It will support the development of a sound enabling environment, strengthen environmental governance, and promote private sector investment opportunities that foster innovation in environmental protection.Contribute to creation and benefit of comparative advantages of biodiversity and ecosystem services (BIO&ES) for LAC sustainable development.


  1. integration of BIO&ES into infrastructure & productive sectors;
  2. increase knowledge & protection of critical, large-scale ecosystems;
  3. policies, governance frameworks, & public investments for BIO&ES conservation/maintenance;
  4. create new economic, financial, & business opportunities for sustainable development & innovative techniques BIO&ES protection.